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World Cup Sober-P

by Nikola Strahija on May 2nd, 2005 A new version of more and more tedious Sober email worm series is effecting victims by posing as an email from the next year's World Cup organizing committee.

This Sober-P spreads as an infected ZIP attachment to messages written in German or English, and infects only Windows machines.

Infected emails pose as ticket confirmation messages from organizers of the football World Cup, due to be held in Germany next year. The worm composes messages with subject lines such as "WM-Ticket-Auslosung" and "Your Password" with attachments such as containing a .pif payload file.

Most anti-virus vendors rate Sober-P as medium-risk, home users are at greatest risk. That means that it's time to update anti-virus tools and to resist the temptation to open suspicious-looking emails. This Sober-P is the fourteenth incarnation of a worm first seen in October 2003.

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