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Workers Use Email for Flirting

by ivy on August 18th, 2001 Office workers in Britain use email at work to gossip about rivals and flirt with colleagues, according to a new study.

A survey of 500 workers by UK marketing company said companies could be losing hours of work time because of misuse of email.

Men were the worst offenders for trying to kindle an online office romance, with 27 percent admitting to using email for "flirting in the office" compared with 13 percent of women.

Gossiping about colleagues online was the second-biggest waste of working time by men.

Among women the biggest email abuse was "planning social life with friends," followed by contacting brothers and sisters and gossiping about other staff.

Thirteen percent of men and seven percent of women admitted using email at work to forward Internet sex links.

Other misuses of email included forwarding jokes to colleagues and seeking new employment.

"Although the research shows some quirky results, there is still an important issue concerning misuse of email at work," said Louis Halpern, co-founder of eMMa, an email marketing association.

"As email is a quick and simple form of communication. Companies are losing precious work hours as a result of email abuse. We suggest that managers adopt a definite email policy defining acceptable parameters for email usage."

from: news.excite

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