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Windows XP SP3 next year

by Nikola Strahija on October 6th, 2005 There will be a third service pack for Windows XP, due some time in the next year, ZDNet reports. It has quoted Bernard Ourghanlian, Microsoft France technical and security director, on the matter.

Since Ourghanlian spelt the beans, experts can’t come together on one question, when exactly is SP3 going to released. Some say SP3 won't arrive until after the launch of Vista, other reports origin from the story Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer repeated a few times: SP3 could ship ahead of Vista.

XP's SP3 will probably roll up all the security fixes issued since the launch of SP2, which was itself a major OS upgrade, plus IE7.

We should expect that minor features of Vista will make it into XP's SP3. While Microsoft has been officially silent on the matter, its French assistant MD is reported to have said: -Historically, certain functions of new versions of Windows are integrated in the service packs of previous versions.’

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