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Home » Hacking News » Utah gets 300m hack attemps per day

Utah gets 300m hack attemps per day

by Nikola Strahija on February 22nd, 2016 According to available stats and a statement from Commissioner Keith Squires, Utah state computer systems get up to 300m security incidents per day.

These security incidents, with bulk of them being automated security scans, have skyrocketed since 2010 for a peak of 80,000 a day. Most likely these scans are made by botnets ran by hackers who are trying to find vulnerable systems.

"We did have peaks in the past year or so that were over 300 million in a day."
"In my opinion the ultimate effort (of state actor attackers) was trying to get data that was national security related."
- said Keith Squires, Utah Commissioner of Public Safety.

As a reason for such a large number of incidents fingers are being pointed at NSAs facility in Bluffdale.

The Utah Information Security Office, staffed 24/7, said it blocks traffic from wide ranges of IP addresses in China, Russia and Indonesia.

Here's a video of a news report from KUTV, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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