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Troublesome MS patch

by Nikola Strahija on October 18th, 2005 Microsoft's critical security patches from last week are causing problems with some users. In particular, the patch issued to fix a critical hole in Windows 2000 (MS05-051) has over twenty reported compatibility issues.

Problems include an inability to use the Search tool in the operating system's Start Menu, a blank screen upon log-in to the Windows Update site and disruption of Symantec's LiveUpdate virus-updating tool and the SpySweeper anti-spyware product.

Experts state that those and similar problems occur when pach programmers don’t pay enough attention to various third-party software or some of the less used functions of Windows. Problems with Symantec LiveUpdate and SpySweeper are considered the most severe. Problems seem to be user-dependent, meaning that some people will have problems while other won’t. The size and complexity of this month's patches, nine fixing a total of 14 problems, could be one reason for the problems.

Microsoft said it is aware of reports of "isolated deployment issues with security update MS05-051, and is working with the limited amount of customers affected to help resolve the issue." The company has posted a Knowledge Base article online with more information about the issue.

A Symantec spokesman said his company is aware of the reports and is trying to replicate the problems. -They have not been able to replicate any of the problems up to this point, he said. -We have not seen any problems up to now that point to this patch.’

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