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Trojan attacked over the weekend

by Nikola Strahija on February 27th, 2006 PWSteal.Tarno.S aka Clagger-H, tormented e-mail users over the weekend. Some are thought to be exposed, since the anti-virus vendors patched their programs on Monday. This gave the virus the whole weekend to spread around and steal as many passwords as possible.

From Friday afternoon to Monday morning, PWSteal.Tarno.S Trojan spread around in an e-mail pretending to be from PayPal. In the e-mail body users are urged to click on a link, which downloads the Trojan. It than tries to find any passwords stored on the computer or browsers, and to steal it.

Security experts are wondering why it took so long for anti-virus vendors to issue patches. Some estimate that over 3 million Trojan infected e-mails were sent around the net.

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