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Student fights off virus attack

by ivy on August 20th, 2001 A British teenager has prevented the outbreak of a computer virus that he discovered when logging on to an Internet chatroom. The case has now been forwarded to the FBI for further investigation.

Matthew Hillman, 18, initially reported the virus to his Internet Service Provider (ISP) BT seven weeks ago. The software engineering student discovered the backdoor Trojan Horse while surfing at his home on the Isle of Wight. The virus was designed to specifically attack people using US Internet chatrooms.

BT advised him to contact his local Police force, Hampshire, who immediately forwarded the case to the FBI.

Hillman told The Telegraph that he used his course skills to track the source of the virus. "I was chatting away when I noticed a flash on the screen. I had a look about and because of the things we had been learning on the course I was able to find out where it had come from," he said.

from: cnet

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