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Spyware PI in hospital

by Nikola Strahija on June 11th, 2005 A key suspect in a spyware-linked industrial espionage case was severely injured after falling down a stairwell during a break in questioning by Israeli police.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Yitzhak Rath, 54, boss of the Modi'in Ezrahi private detective agency, was taken for treatment at a Tel Aviv hospital following the incident at Yarkon District police station.

He's been treated for "severe head, spinal cord and chest injuries", his condition, after treatment, is described as "stable".

Police is investigating whether the incident was a suicide attempt, an accident or something more sinister. Rath's detective agency is one of several alleged to have helped Israeli firms to spy on rivals using customised spyware or Trojan horse packages designed to evade detection by security tools. He was called in for police questioning on Wednesday following his initial arrest and detention two weeks ago.

Rath is one of 22 people who were arrested in Israel and the UK as part of a major international investigation, tagged Operation Horse Race, which also involved German police forces. Investigators reckon spyware code was installed on victims' PCs either by 'private detectives' or via email as part of a spying operation that may have lasted for two years.

The malware sent various stolen documents to an FTP site, allowing unscrupulous firms to obtain confidential documents from rivals. A London-based Israeli couple, Michael and Ruth Haephrati, are accused of supplying the malware and masterminding the scam. They face possible extradition to Israel.

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