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Spyware infects IE

by Nikola Strahija on March 13th, 2005 An installer that nails IE with spyware was discovered recently. It works even if a surfer is using some alternative browser or has blocked access to some site in IE.

The technique allows spyware to be served up to Windows users in spite of any security measures that might be in place.

The malware installer is capable of working on a range of browsers. Only Opera and Netcaptor can resist for now. If unexpected users allow the packages to install, they will be bombarded with pop-up ads and their computer will be reduced to a crawl. The malware doesn't install automatically but the pop-up dialogue it generates is obscure enough to fool most home users.

Just switching away from IE does not give adequate protection. Now that Firefox and other alternative browsers have a toehold in the market the hacking community will get busy exploiting the vulnerabilities that exist in any complex browser.

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