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SpoonFTP Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities

by phiber on May 31st, 2001 The SpoonFTP server doesn't correctly apply boundary checks on the 'CWD' and 'LIST' commands. Issueing one of these to the server followed by respectively 530 and 531 bytes of data or more will cause the server to die. Altough in the majority of the attempts internal errors will kill the SpoonFTP process before any data can be passed on to the stack, it is possible to use this to overwrite eip and execute arbitrary code on the target machine.


SpoonFTP is an ftp server from the hand of the makers of SpoonProxy
for the various MS Windows incarnations.

SpoonFTP is available from vendor Pi-Soft's website:


Vendor has been notified and has verified the existence of these
problems. SpoonFTP v1.0.0.13 has been released to deal with them.
Users are encouraged to upgrade.

This was tested against SpoonFTP v1.0.0.12 on Win2k.

By SNS Research

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