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Spammers tax DNS infrastructures

by Nikola Strahija on January 11th, 2005 Spammers are straining the world's Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure. Various reports say that emerging tactics - such as sending bulk mailings at night from recently registered domains - are placing a heavy load on DNS servers attempting to look-up non-existent domains.

Bulk mailers are adopting the 'registration after sending' ruse to make it more difficult for spam fighters to track junk mail attacks. But the side effects include widespread message congestion. The shutdown of domains by spammers shortly after a bulk mailout has been sent out can also tax

DNS servers trying to resolve defunct domains.
Sysadmins can do little except provide extra capacity. Solving the problem might require a rethink of current internet architectures.

DNS servers, which translate domain address into IP addresses, are used to direct billions of email messages every day as well as helping surfers to find their way around the net.

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