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Sony stops shipping the XCP

by Ivana Strahija on November 12th, 2005 Only days after hackers released malicious software that used Sony copy-protection software to attack computers, the company has decided to stop shipping the product.

Sony has temporarily suspended the manufacture of CDs that contain the software, called XCP, said John McKay, a Sony spokesman.

XCP's developers have previously stated that they are in the process of writing new copy protection software that does not use the same controversial cloaking techniques.

Windows operating system expert named Mark Russinovich described the software as ‘digital rights management gone too far’ and criticized it for not warning users that it would become virtually undetectable and extremely difficult to remove. Russinovich and other computer experts were concerned that hackers might somehow use XCP's cloaking ability to hide their software from antivirus products.

That prediction came true Thursday when the first variations of a malicious 'Trojan' program that exploited the XCP software began circulating on the Internet. One of these Trojan programs, called Stinx-E, masquerades as a photo sent from a UK Business magazine, security vendor Sophos PLC said in a statement. Once clicked on, the malicious software uses Sony's rootkit techniques to hide itself on the system, Sophos said.

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