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Home » Hacking News » Sony DRM uninstaller brings new problems

Sony DRM uninstaller brings new problems

by Ivana Strahija on November 18th, 2005 Sony recently released a tool to remove the troublesome rootkit technology installed when users play Sony BMG CDs on Windows PCs. But now, hacker websites have found a way to use Sony's DRM uninstaller in an attempt to take over Windows PCs.

The warning, by Ed Felton of Freedom to Tinker, stems from the discovery by Websense of exploit websites that attempts to use the trick. Sony has stopped distributing its flawed DRM uninstaller. But that still leaves any user who has downloaded and run the Sony uninstaller program susceptible to attack, providing they can be tricked into visiting hacker sites. So users need to remove the vulnerable ActiveX component.

To remove the DRM software entirely is a far trickier proposition that security researchers have only partially answered. An expert might (with effort) be able to remove the software but for an average user the situation is quite hopeless, and getting more complicated by the day.

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