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Procmail Unsafe Signal Handling Race Condition Vulnerability

by Phiber on September 26th, 2001 The problems lie in several signal handlers used by the program. By generating a signal while a signal handling operation is already in progress, an attacker could interrupt a non-reentrant libc function and enter it again from the handler.

Precise timing in such an attack could possibly result in, for example, heap corruption or interruption during privilege lowering.

- This set of vulnerabilities exist because of reentrant library function calls from signal handlers (malloc, free, syslog, operations on global buffers, etc).

- Conditions where these types of attacks may be possible are known to exist in procmail, which is installed setuid root and locally executable.

Procmail Procmail 3.10:

RedHat RPM 5.2 alpha procmail-3.21-0.52.alpha.rpm

RedHat RPM 5.2 i386 procmail-3.21-0.52.i386.rpm

RedHat RPM 5.2 sparc procmail-3.21-0.52.sparc.rpm

Procmail Procmail 3.11:
Procmail Procmail 3.13:
Procmail Procmail 3.14:

RedHat RPM 6.2 alpha procmail-3.21-0.62.alpha.rpm

RedHat RPM 6.2 sparc procmail-3.21-0.62.sparc.rpm

RedHat RPM 6.2 i386 procmail-3.21-0.62.i386.rpm

RedHat RPM 7.0 i386 procmail-3.21-0.71.i386.rpm

RedHat RPM 7.0 alpha procmail-3.21-0.71.alpha.rpm

RedHat RPM 7.1 ia64 procmail-3.21-0.71.ia64.rpm

RedHat RPM 7.1 i386 procmail-3.21-0.71.i386.rpm

RedHat RPM 7.1 alpha procmail-3.21-0.71.alpha.rpm

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