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Pine Unix Username Account Information Leakage Vulnerability

by Nikola Strahija on June 10th, 2002 Pine is a freely available, open source mail user agent (MUA). It is available for most Unix and Linux operating systems. Pine will leak the Unix username of the original sender. When a mail is sent, pine adds headers to the email in the form of either the "Sender:" field or the "X-X-Sender:" field. This could allow a remote attacker to discover the username of the user sending an email, and could be used in an information gathering attack.

Remote: Yes

Exploit: No

Solution: An untested patch has been made available by Roger Marquis :

--- pine/send.c.orig Tue Jan 8 12:59:37 2002
+++ pine/send.c Sat Mar 9 09:17:08 2002
@@ -3989,12 +3989,15 @@

outgoing->return_path = rfc822_cpy_adr(outgoing->from);

* Don't ever believe the sender that is there.
* If From doesn't look quite right, generate our own sender.
+ /**** fix u-washington anti-privacy loophole
+ /****

* If the LHS of the address doesn't match, or the RHS
@@ -4003,6 +4006,7 @@
* Don't add a personal_name since the user can change that.
+ /**** fix u-washington anti-privacy loophole
|| !outgoing->from->mailbox
|| strucmp(outgoing->from->mailbox, ps_global->VAR_USER_ID) != 0
@@ -4014,6 +4018,7 @@
outgoing->sender->mailbox = cpystr(ps_global->VAR_USER_ID);
outgoing->sender->host = cpystr(ps_global->hostname);
+ /****

/*----- Message is edited, now decide what to do with it ----*/
if(editor_result & (COMP_SUSPEND | COMP_GOTHUP | COMP_CANCEL)){

University of Washington Pine 4.21:
University of Washington Pine 4.30:
University of Washington Pine 4.33:
University of Washington Pine 4.44:

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