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Personal information sold

by Nikola Strahija on October 18th, 2004 15 mobile phone workers and brokers are being investigated for trading personal information of over six million people in South Korea.

It is estimated they could have gained 360m South Korean Won ($314,0000) by allegedly selling the personal details of an estimated one in five of south Koreas 30m net users. Police are still investigating how the group obtained the sensitive data but some details are already known.

The papers report that seven of the accused sold the data on 920,000 mobile phone store customers to a telemarketing company in July, including name, mobile phone number, email address and type of cell phone used, which was used in attempts to get consumers to switch mobile operators or sign up to broadband services.

One suspect sold email addresses of consumers to porn spammers. The same broker allegedly sold data on five million mobile users to operators and shopping malls, and three suspects have already being arrested by police investigating the alleged
crimes. Police have put one of the chief suspects - president of a marketing company - on their wanted list.

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