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Home » Hacking News » p-smash halts Microsoft Windows 98

p-smash halts Microsoft Windows 98

by Phiber on February 6th, 2001 Paulo Ribeiro has found an error in Microsoft Windows 98. By sending diffrend ICMP types and codes to a Win98 machine, you can halt it!!!!

This is what he said on the mailing list:


Hello, everyone.

I've been sending different ICMP types and codes to a Win98 machine in
my LAN. While I've sent the ICMP type 9 code 0, the Win98 machine simply halted.

So, I've made a program (p-smash.c, which is attached) and I'm sending
it for you.

Please, remember that I've only tested it on my LAN.


Paulo Ribeiro - [email protected]


Download p-smash.c

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