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Home » Hacking News » OpenPKG SA-2003.028: samba remote root exploit

OpenPKG SA-2003.028: samba remote root exploit

by Nikola Strahija on April 9th, 2003 A buffer overflow has been found in the Samba SMB/CIFS server which could allow remote attackerto gain root access on the vulnerable host system.

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OpenPKG Security Advisory The OpenPKG Project
[email protected] [email protected]
OpenPKG-SA-2003.028 07-Apr-2003

Package: samba
Vulnerability: remote root exploit
OpenPKG Specific: no

Affected Releases: Affected Packages: Corrected Packages:
OpenPKG CURRENT <= samba-2.2.8-20030405 >= samba-2.2.8a-20030407
OpenPKG 1.2 <= samba-2.2.7a-1.2.1 >= samba-2.2.7a-1.2.2
OpenPKG 1.1 <= samba-2.2.5-1.1.2 >= samba-2.2.5-1.1.3

Dependent Packages: none

Digital Defense Inc. has discovered [1] a buffer overflow
vulnerability in the Samba SMB/CIFS server [0]. An intruder
exploiting this vulnerability could gain root access on the affected
host system. An active exploit is publically available [2]. The
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) project assigned the id
CAN-2003-0201 [3] to the problem.

Additional buffer overflows were detected by an internal code
audit by the Samba team in response to the original report. The
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) project assigned the id
CAN-2003-0196 [4] to these additional problems.

Please check whether you are affected by running "/bin/rpm -q
samba". If you have the "samba" package installed and its version is
affected (see above), we recommend that you immediately upgrade it
(see Solution). [5][6]

Select the updated source RPM appropriate for your OpenPKG release
[7][8], fetch it from the OpenPKG FTP service [9][10] or a mirror
location, verify its integrity [11], build a corresponding binary RPM
from it [5] and update your OpenPKG installation by applying the
binary RPM [6]. For the current release OpenPKG 1.2, perform the
following operations to permanently fix the security problem (for
other releases adjust accordingly).

$ ftp
ftp> bin
ftp> cd release/1.2/UPD
ftp> get samba-2.2.7a-1.2.2.src.rpm
ftp> bye
$ /bin/rpm -v --checksig samba-2.2.7a-1.2.2.src.rpm
$ /bin/rpm --rebuild samba-2.2.7a-1.2.2.src.rpm
$ su -
# /bin/rpm -Fvh /RPM/PKG/samba-2.2.7a-1.2.2.*.rpm


For security reasons, this advisory was digitally signed with the
OpenPGP public key "OpenPKG " (ID 63C4CB9F) of the
OpenPKG project which you can retrieve from and
hkp:// Follow the instructions on
for details on how to verify the integrity of this advisory.

Comment: OpenPKG


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