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Home » Hacking News » New Zealand hacker VeNoMouS linked to global anarchist Milw0rm group

New Zealand hacker VeNoMouS linked to global anarchist Milw0rm group

by Nikola Strahija on March 2nd, 2003 A hacker convicted this week of breaking into an internet service has been linked to the penetration of an Indian nuclear weapons facility. Jodi Jones, also known as VeNoMouS, pleaded guilty to wilful damage in the Manukau District Court last week after hacking into Web Internet's network.

Jones shares the same internet nickname - VeNoMouS - as a notorious hacker known to be from New Zealand, who carried out some of the world's most audacious hacks from 1998 to 2000, as part of the Milw0rm group. But Jones, 23, denies being the same person. He says he has ended his 10-year hacking career, and promised not to enter any computers he is not legally entitled to. But an investigation by the Sunday Star-Times has linked Jones with VeNoMouS and the Milw0rm group. The Star-Times has spoken to a dozen people in the industry who have had dealings with Jones and say he has boasted of being the same person. Among the hacks carried out by the group was India's Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and a branch of the US military. Indian authorities still have a security file open on the case.

In 1998, the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in Bombay was hacked, with data erased and e-mails stolen as a protest at India's nuclear weapons tests. At the time, VeNoMouS said he had been trained in the art of system cracking by Ehud Tenebaum, the Israeli teenager known as The Analyzer, who was implicated in attacks on US government networks earlier this year. Last week, Jones told the Star-Times that he knew The Analyzer, but they did not communicate anymore because "he was a bit of a prat now". He also acknowledged that he had written a paper on "phreaking", the art of telephone hacking. The site the paper is posted on credits "VeNoMouS of Milw0rm fame". The paper is signed off by VeNoMouS, thanking "SaveC0re" - another member of Milw0rm. The Milw0rm VeNoMouS was found to be operating out of Christchurch at the time of the Bhabha hacks - the same time as Jones was living there. The age the Milw0rm VeNoMouS gave also matched Jones' age at the time of the hacks. Along with his international reputation as VeNoMouS, Jones is notorious among the New Zealand computer fraternity. Those contacted by the Star-Times were unwilling to be named, for fear they would be targeted. One said: "We don't believe he should be allowed to touch a computer." In contrast, the judge sentencing him suggested he spend his 100 hours community service teaching the disadvantaged IT skills.

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