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New identity management software

by Nikola Strahija on June 10th, 2005 IBM and Oracle have announced new versions of their identity management software, as a result of growing security threats in that area.

The Oracle Identity Management suite can now run across operating systems, directories, application servers and applications from different vendors, according to Amit Jasuja, Oracle's development VP. "This is an important release for us because it shows how committed we are to running disparate programs," Jasuja said.

The new suite can now run on IBM databases, SAP applications, and Microsoft's LDAP directory.

IBM has added new software to its Tivoli Identity Manager Version 4.6 to help companies securely manage user accounts and access to passwords. TIM also offers a new policy simulation feature that allows IT managers to try out different scenarios when changing security policies.

IBM also added new identity management services to help businesses prevent fraud and identity theft by verifying and validating identities. IBM Tivoli Identity Manager Version 4.6 will be available between in the next few months.

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