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Myfip starting a new trend

by Nikola Strahija on October 30th, 2004 Worm under name of Myfip, discovered a month ago, is starting to spread, causing much headache as it travels. The worm assumes the guise of an email from a webmaster at eBay.

The email asks the recipient to take part in a 'Multiple Item Auction' with the chance of winning a prize. But the worm's most worrying characteristic is its use of a previously unknown packing utility, a nested compression technique, which means that the file is compressed numerous times, and that confuses e-mail scanners.

The worm, once initiated, searches an infected computer for poorly
protected network drives. It then copies itself to those drives using a file tagged "Iloveyou.txt.exe". If the worm encounters password-protected drives it will attempt to log on as an administrator by using a list of common passwords.

Antivirus vendors have issued updates to deal with this threat but it is up to individuals to download these patches independently. Vendors have said that they will be including a code change to handle this threat in their next releases.

The worm could be starting a new trend in virus writing, and that is one thing experts fear abut Myfip.

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