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Home » Hacking News » Multiple vendor lprm buffer overflow

Multiple vendor lprm buffer overflow

by Mario Miri on April 8th, 2003 Multiple vendor lprm utility is prone to buffer overflow attack. Maliciously crafted string send to lprm as a normal request may be used to execute arbitrary code.

BSD lpr 2000.05.07
BSD lpr 0.48
FreeBSD 2.2
FreeBSD 2.2.2
FreeBSD 2.2.3
FreeBSD 2.2.4
FreeBSD 2.2.5
FreeBSD 2.2.6
lpr-ppd 0.72
lprold 3.0.48
OpenBSD 2.0
OpenBSD 2.1
OpenBSD 2.2
OpenBSD 2.3
OpenBSD 2.4
OpenBSD 2.5
OpenBSD 2.6
OpenBSD 2.7
OpenBSD 2.8
OpenBSD 2.9
OpenBSD 3.0
OpenBSD 3.1
OpenBSD 3.2

Debian, S.u.S.E., OpenBSD have released patches. Check your local version of the software and act appropriately.

Exploit / Proof of concept:

Discovered by:
Niall Smart, [email protected]

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