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Home » Hacking News » Multiple phpNuke Modules Vulnerable to Cross-Site Scripting

Multiple phpNuke Modules Vulnerable to Cross-Site Scripting

by Nikola Strahija on November 25th, 2002 Systems Affected: phpNuke 6.5b1 and prior (all operating systems) Risk: High


phpNuke is a popular, and very complex content manager that runs on Unix,
Mac, and Windows systems with a MySQL or similar backend database. Many of
the content manager's modules contain serious vulnerabilities that allow
attackers to hijack or disable user accounts, and possibly gain
administrative privileges. Gaining such privileges could likely assist
further compromise of the susceptible system.

I. Search Module Vulnerability

The search module of phpNuke applies absolutely no filtering at all when
returning the "Results for x..." page, and as a result is susceptible to
cross-site scripting via a simple query such as:

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