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Home » Hacking News » MSIE vulnerability exploitable with Eudora

MSIE vulnerability exploitable with Eudora

by Nikola Strahija on March 19th, 2002 This would make most versions of Eudora equally vulnerable. Eudora (all versions I know of) automatically decodes attachments and stores them in the attachment directory of Eudora.

(This may vary between versions and platform, but is
pretty much easy to guess and with this greymagic-exploit-test:

(Fires off the windows calculator, but could easily be modified to exploit
an auto-decoded attachment instead)

To exploit this one could send the attachment in an e-mail and include a
link to a page which servers such an exploiting image/etc. _OR_ if Eudora
uses embedded IE for html-mail, then the exploit would be executed when the
mail is html-rendered.

As Eudora is more wide-spread this may be the worst exploit to a non-MS
mail client that we have seen so far.

It is not a bug of Eudora per se, but Eudora acts as a perfect
trojan-injector which makes it very dangerous.

Blocking or renaming executables on MTA-level will of course be a
reasonable counter-measure for this problem.

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