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Home » Hacking News » MS Windows 2000 Debug Registers Vulnerability

MS Windows 2000 Debug Registers Vulnerability

by platon on June 6th, 2001 A vulnerability exists in the handling of debug registers in Windows 2000...

It is possible for unprivileged processes to create breakpoints for arbitrary processes. This can be used to 'kill' arbitrary processes without administrative privileges.

Since it is possible for an unprivileged process to terminate arbitrary processes, depending on the programs involved, this vulnerability could be used to leverage other attacks. Including a denial of service or elevating privileges by 'impersonating' a trusted named pipe.

Georgi Guninski has provided the following exploit:

Microsoft has reported that Windows 2000 SP2 is not affected by this vulnerability.

Microsoft Windows 2000 SP1:

Microsoft service pack W2KSP2


Microsoft Windows 2000 :

Microsoft service pack W2KSP2


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