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Microsoft sues!

by Nikola Strahija on January 26th, 2006 Instead of being sued, Microsoft is on the other end of the courtroom now. Backed up by Washington State, the company is suing a Secure Computer firm for using scare tactics to sell ineffective anti-spyware software.

In the lawsuit, Washington's Attorney General Rob McKenna alleges that Secure Computer's anti-spyware software falsely claims that PCs are infested in an attempt to fool users into paying $50 for its software.

Spyware Cleaner only changes security settings on PCs rather than doing anything to clean machines of any infection. Washington State alleges the software actually "renders computers more susceptible to attacks" rather than protecting them.

Secure Computer went so far to send emails selling Spyware Cleaner posing as messages from MSN Member Service with subject lines such as "Special Security Alert for MSN Members". Other messages allegedly arrive as pop-ups via Windows Messenger. These tactics prompted Microsoft to file a federal lawsuit against Secure Computer stating the firm used its trademarks without permission to suggest Microsoft recommended the ineffective software.

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