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Microsoft exploits are public

by Nikola Strahija on June 16th, 2006 Three exploits to the vulnerabilities patched on Tuesday were publicly available before, but now at least two more exploit codes are available.

Security experts warn of how swiftly exploit codes are made public for the Microsoft systems. And, with system administrators weighing pros and cons of installing various patches, many business networks are yet vulnerable, as well as many private computers.

Microsoft company asks of security researchers to withhold proofs-of-concept for a least a couple of months instead of publishing it right away. Funny enough, we've had reposts about people warning Microsoft even a year before going public, and the flaws weren't patched even than.

Anyhow, the Redmond software giant warns all users to apply at least three patches (MS06-021, MS06-022 and MS06-023), in order to shield their computers from easy Internet Explorer exploits.

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