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Metro vs Adobe

by Nikola Strahija on May 2nd, 2005 Microsoft Longhorn operating system will now include a graphics feature called Metro that allows documents to be displayed and created across platforms.

This tool is designed to bridge the gap that exists between displaying the same unaltered document on PCs and mobile devices via Internet Explorer.
Adobe fights with this problem by buying Macromedia (for $4.3bn) in an attempt to make Adobe's PDF available on mobile devices.
Metro, and Longhorn as a platform, will try to meet rich client’s needs of "pervasive computing" - access to data from any desktop or mobile device using a variety of interfaces.

Microsoft is taking the added step of releasing the draft Metro specification on a Royalty Free basis. If a Gates' WinHEC demonstration of Metro is to be believed, users saving Microsoft Office applications and digital photos will automatically generate Metro documents with their files, which can then either be distributed to other users or sent for printing. Metro is apparently built on top of Longhorn's XML-based Avalon interface.

Gates demonstrated a Metro document being printed using a Xerox printer featuring a Metro engine. Gates claimed the set-up could print between 40 per cent and 70 per cent faster than a conventional printer while retaining a high-quality feel to graphics.

In related Longhorn news, Microsoft outlined the operating system's hardware requirements. Microsoft is recommending a newer CPU, 512Mb RAM and Longhorn display driver capable graphics.

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