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McAfee kills Excel

by Ivana Strahija on March 12th, 2006 On Friday, McAfee anti-virus killed not only viruses but also Microsoft Excel and other applications.

This glitch was due to an error in virus definition file. The anti-virus product therefore flagged Microsoft's Excel, as well as other applications on users' PCs, as a virus called W95/CTX.

-At about 1 p.m. PST we started getting reports that people were seeing an unusual number of W95/CTX infections in their environment, a company official said. -Files that we did identify would probably be deleted or quarantined, depending on your settings.'

McAfee's antivirus software detected Excel.exe and Graph.exe, an other applications, including AdobeUpdateManager.exe.

Over 100 customers reported the problem, and McAfee quickly issued a fix, only one and a half hour later.

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