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Large majority of home PC-s infected

by Nikola Strahija on October 29th, 2004 According to a survey, in which computers of 329 volunteers were examined, 80 percent of Windows PCs are infected with some form of malware.

Also, a majority of users are unaware of the simplest security basics, such as the difference between anti-virus software and a firewall, for instance.
Most volunteers had antivirus software installed, presumably because it came preinstalled, but two thirds had not bothered to update it. One poor victim had 92 viruses on their PC, and another an incredible 1,059 spyware/adware programs.

Two thirds of users had no firewall or packet filter, and 14 per cent of those who had them had wrongly configured them. And only nine per cent had any sort of parental controls in place.

Half of wireless users had MAC filtering to prevent connection freeloading, while 60 per cent used WEP to encrypt their signals. Nevertheless, almost three quarters of those surveyed reported believing that their PC is very secure or moderately secure. Maybe Microsoft led users to believe their computers were safe, but it is apparent that people should educate themselves, protect their computers and their information.

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