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Join HAC (Hackers against cancer)

by platon on April 8th, 2001 has started a new project called HAC (Hackers against cancer). You can now fight back personally by joining HAC.

HAC is a team created at the Intel-United Devices Cancer Research Project. Our goal is, obviously, to get as much processor time together. And we can only achieve that together!
Read more about The Cancer Research Project:

The Intel-United Devices Cancer Research Project will advance research to uncover new cancer drugs through the combination of chemistry, computers, specialized software, and organizations and individuals who are committed to fighting cancer.

The research centers on proteins that have been determined to be a possible target for cancer therapy. Through a process called "virtual screening", special analysis software will identify molecules that interact with these proteins, and will determine which of the molecular candidates has a high likelihood of being developed into a drug. The process is similar to finding the right key to open a special lock—by looking at millions upon millions of molecular keys.

Participants in the Intel-United Devices Cancer Research Project are sent a unit of molecules over the Internet. Their PC will analyze the molecules using drug-design software called THINK. The THINK software analyzes the molecular data by creating a three-dimensional model and changing its shape (or conformation) to attempt to dock it into a protein site. When a conformation docks successfully and triggers an interaction with the protein, it registers as a "hit". These hits are what this research hinges on. Any one hit may be the one that will ultimately lead to a cure. All hits are recorded, ranked as to strength, and filed for the next stage of the project.

This project is anticipated to be the largest computational chemistry project ever undertaken. And the more individuals who volunteer their PCs, the more power available to move the project forward.

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