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iPod can steal business data

by Nikola Strahija on February 21st, 2006 Abe Usher, an American security expert, wrote a program that can fill an iPod with business-critical data in a matter of minutes. Usher is also warning companies about it, urging them to heighten their computer security.

Ushers application vigorously searches the company network and extracts Word, Excel and PDF files, all of which might contain business data. It can transfer up to 100 MB of data onto an iPod in less than two minutes. The process of locating, extracting and transferring sensitive data is named 'pod slurping'.

Other experts think Ushers program is irresponsible and uncalled for, but he insists that it's only a scare tactic to make companies protect themselves better.

Ushers tactics put the spotlight on the thieves within, rather than on those braking in from the outside world. While most of the companies are protected by a firewall and anti-virus, only a small portion of them have leveled networks and Ethernet firewalls.

Usher said companies shouldn't expect any help from their operating system, the most popular of which lacks the granularity to manage this threat effectively without impairing other functions.

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