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Home » Hacking News » IndyNews - PhpNuke module: several problems

IndyNews - PhpNuke module: several problems

by Nikola Strahija on February 14th, 2003 IndyNews is a PhpNuke add-on that allows users to include media files to articles. There are several problems with this add-on.

1) function delMediaFile()

- Anybody is able to delete any media attached to already approved articles.

2) function manageMedia()

- Anybody can delete any file owned by the user that runs the php script.

- Manipulating the cookie, you can modify the path of the uploaded files, so they can be saved wherever you want (into a directory writable by the process owner).

3) function editMediaDescr() and editMediaTempDescr()
- Anybody can edit the description of a media attached to an approved or pendent article.
Since the file description is showed through the HTML alt="" attribute, and no check is performed on its contents, it is possible to alter totally the layout of an article, so as inserting whatever link, image, javascript code etc.

Patch is available here:

Discovered by:
Elisa Manara
Sed Software Consortium info (at)

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