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If you're having no sex, try shutting down the electricity

by ivy on May 25th, 2001 SAO PAULO, Brazil - When Brazilians' after-dark activities are curbed by government energy restrictions, they may become more active in the bedroom, experts said on Thursday.

They believe the official drive to lower electricity consumption in Latin America's biggest country could increase sexual activity and perhaps even create a baby boom.

"When there is no electricity and you go to bed earlier, the probability of arousal is higher," said Professor Sedi Hirano, head of the sociology department at Sao Paulo University. "We could see slight growth in the birth rate."

To avoid electricity blackouts, the government is seeking to cut consumption by 20 percent for six months from June 1 through a rationing program.The cities, where social life is more dependent on the power staying on, will be especially hard hit.

Night soccer games and outdoor concerts have been rescheduled to daylight hours, and popular shopping malls may shut their doors on some nights to cut electricity bills.

Demographers say more sex may not mean more babies."Today, women have much more access to birth without procreation is much more viable," said Campinas University population expert professor Jose Marcos.

But others worry a rise in sexual activity risked raising an already growing number of teen-age pregnancies."If you consider blackouts will facilitate one-night stands... it increases the risk of pushing up those statistics which are already worrying," said Vera Magyar, chief editor of the monthly baby magazine Crescer.

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