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Home » Hacking News » IE 6 and 7-beta incompatible

IE 6 and 7-beta incompatible

by Nikola Strahija on December 18th, 2005 The newest explorer security patch is causing problems for users testing a new beta version of the Internet Explorer browser.

The explanation was given by Jeremy Dallman, project manager for IE security bulletins, on a Microsoft blog. He wrote: - Problems occur when a user attempts to run the beta 1 version of IE 7 in an unsupported side-by-side configuration with a version of IE 6. The Explorer 7 beta version puts a registry key on the machine the first time its execute file is run, and that key will not be configured correctly if an unsupported side-by-side install is used.'

The solution to links come up blank, multiple windows open when the browser is started, or the browser hangs is to uninstall and install again Internet Explorer 7.

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