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Hacking kits for $20

by Nikola Strahija on April 25th, 2006 Websense warns that Russian hackers sell do-it-yourself hacking kits for only $20. There are presumably 1000 websites already using this 'user friendly' hacking solution.

The Web Attacker Toolkit, sold for as little as $20, allows a malicious attacker to execute drive-by installations of harmful software, for example keyloggers and viruses. The toolkit comes with an easy to use graphic interface and detailed instructions on how to install and run it efficiently on a web server, says Websense.

-Dear Friends! We would like to offer you multi-component exploit Web-Attacker IE604, that realizes vulnerabilities in the internet browsers Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. With the help of this exploit you will be able to install any programs on the local disks of visitors of your web pages. In the foundation of work of the exploit Web-Attacker IE0604, there are 7 already-known vulnerabilities in the internet browsers: Objective of the Exploit: Hidden drop of the executable from the deleted source to the local hard drive of the site visitor, says the site where Web Attacker can be purchased, according to Websense.

Websense points out that over 10 000 users might already be infected with the help form Web Attacker, which is currently hosted on nearly thousand web sites.

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