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Glitch in MS security patches

by Nikola Strahija on December 15th, 2005 A bug in the newest set of Microsoft security bundle is giving system admins worldwide serious problems. It appears that the installation of the new bundle changes the status of software updates that had been previously approved by administrators using Software Update Services (SUS).

-If you synchronize your server after 12 December 2005, all previously approved updates may be unapproved and the status may appear as updated, Microsoft warned in a note.

Russ Cooper, a scientist at security vendor Cybertrust, suspects that the latest updates overwrite a file that is used to keep track of approved updates.

Microsoft's note lists a number of work-arounds for this issue, but the simplest solution is to restore this file, called Approveditems.txt, from a backup copy, Cooper said. -This shouldn't be a big problem for anybody because you're backing up that text file, aren't you, he said. -But if you're not, be prepared to do a bunch of clicking.'

Microsoft plans to release a script that will reset these settings to a previous state, the company said.

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