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Home » Hacking News » Faq-O-Matic Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

Faq-O-Matic Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

by Nikola Strahija on February 6th, 2002 FAQ-O-Matic does not sufficiently filter script code from URL parameters. It is possible to create a malicious link containing arbitrary script code. When a legitimate user browses the malicious link, the script code will be executed in the user's browser in the context of the website running Faq-O-Matic.

As a result, it may be possible for a remote attacker to steal cookie-based authentication credentials from a legitimate user of the user.

FAQ-O-Matic is a freely available, open-source FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) manager. It is intended to run on Linux and Unix variants.


The following example was provided:


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