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Exploit Code At Security Focus Removed

by Nikola Strahija on January 10th, 2003 Observant Derek Vadala noted that it ' Looks like the exploit code from the Security Focus (i.e. Bugtraq) vulnerability database has been removed. There used to be an _exploit_ tab between _discussion_ and _solution_ on the individual vulnerabilty pages. It provided exploit code, if available.

This was extremely useful for doing vulnerability testing so it's too bad. Seems to me that this is just one less resource for white hats and one more advantage for the blacks hats. I wonder if the recent acquisition by Symantec had something to do with the change.

Click here to check out the page to see whether the exploit option is still missing(

Uh... The Hamsters Top Ten Symantec / BugTraq excuses for the disappearance of the Exploit codes :

10) It was a programming error.. they will put it back shortly
9) Are you sure there use to be an exploit code there ?
8) We removed the exploit code because it was the 'right thing' to do
7) Only hackers were using it...
6) Most of the time people weren't giving us the exploit code to put up there
5) Hackers ! They altered our web site !
4) Lawyers ! They threatened to sue us for providing exploit codes to hackers
3) The US is ready to go to war... we don't want to help the enemy...
2) We are going to sell subscriptions for access to the exploit codes...
1) Uh.. did we say we were not going to alter how BugTraq and SecurityFocus work...

Nuff said... I suspect it was a corporate decision to act responsibly and stop putting exploits into the hands of the hackers. I would also suspect future BugTraq notifications will be edited and possible exploits will be removed from them as well... time will tell...

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