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Dutch police arrests Zombie net owners

by Nikola Strahija on October 8th, 2005 Dutch police have arrested three people for building a worldwide zombie network of more than 100,000 PCs, which were later used to launch DDoS attacks on companies and to hack into bank and Paypal accounts.

The main suspect, a 19 year-old man, and his accomplices, a 22 year-old and a 27 year-old, were arrested in raids on their homes. Police seized "several computers, documents, a bank account, bare cash and a sports car". More arrests are expected.

The compromised PCs were hacked using a Trojan horse, called W 32.Toxbot, according to the police, who say that "some thousands" of the victims were based in the Netherlands.

Investigators have identified at least one DDoS attack, targeting an American company, emanating from the zombie botnet. The suspects are also suspected of hacking into a "large number of PayPal and eBay accounts, enabling them to order several goods over the internet, without actually paying for them".

-The Toxbot Trojan registers all keyboard actions of the infected computers and sends this information to the cyber-criminals. Anti-virus software has been available for some time. The hackers, however, frequently revised the virus, in a catch up game with the anti virus producers, police said.

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