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Home » Hacking News » DQS dsh Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

DQS dsh Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

by platon on May 23rd, 2001 The Distributed Queueing System (DQS) is a management tool to aid in computational resource distribution across a network. It is designed to support sending serial and parallel jobs to a cluster of workstations...

A buffer overflow error exists in the 'dsh' utility program included with DQS. Because the program is installed setuid root by some packages, it may be possible for a local attacker to execute arbitrary code/commands with elevated privileges.

It has been suggested that removing the suid root bit from the program will effectively prevent local attackers from exploiting this vulnerability.

Reportedly discovered by Drake Diedrich and reported to Bugtraq by dex dex on May 19, 2001.


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