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Home » Hacking News » Code Red: A Witch Hunt Provocateur?

Code Red: A Witch Hunt Provocateur?

by platon on August 12th, 2001 Code Red continues to wreak havoc here and there, and expose some interesting problems with identifying compromised hosts correctly, as the site, a Linux-based site, was nearly blocked by AT&T on the basis of claims that it had a Code Red problem from ARIS.

A popular Web site for information about the Code Red worm was nearly shut down Thursday following erroneous reports that it had been infected with the malicious, self-propagating worm. The occurrence has raised tempers between two leading security organizations.

Operators of, a site maintained by the SANS Institute, a security research and education organization, say they were nearly cut off from the Internet by their upstream Internet service provider after the ISP, AT&T Business, was notified that the site was being used to launch Code Red attacks.

"AT&T was just about ready to block access to our site, which would have caused a major disruption of service to us," said Matt Fearnow, incident handler for SANS.

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