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Home » Hacking News » Check Point Firewall-1 on Linux, Part Two

Check Point Firewall-1 on Linux, Part Two

by phiber on March 5th, 2001 This article is the second in a series of three by SecurityFocus writer David "Del" Elson that looks at Check Point Firewall-1 for Linux. The first article consisted of a brief introductory overview of Firewall-1, and a discussion of installation, post-installation tasks, as well as single and multi-system installations. This installment will cover Firewall-1 concepts such as network objects, firewall rules, address translation rules, and NAT, as well as features and limitations of Firewall-1. The final article will then discuss aspects of Firewall-1 such as file and directory layout, rulesets, migrating existing Firewall-1 installation to Linux, and back-up and standby configurations.


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