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BugZilla Vulnerabilities

by Phiber on September 1st, 2001 Three vulnerabilities have been discovered. A process_bug.CGI restricted bug comments revealing vulnerability, a show_activity.CGI restricted bug comments revealing vulnerability and a showattachment.cgi arbitrary bug viewing vulnerability.

The first one:
A problem in Bugzilla has been discovered that allows remote users to gain access to restricted bug information. Upon viewing a restricted bug, the user may save the show_bug.cgi page, and monitor the hidden form fields.
- Loading modified page, and clicking commit, yields the comments.

The second one:

It is possible for a remote user to gain access to sensitive bug information through the show_activity.cgi interface. Upon finding a bug that is displayed as restricted through the show_bug.cgi interface, the user may request the bug id through the show_activity.cgi script, which will render the full comments of the bug.

The third one:

An input validation problem exists with Bugzilla. A user of Bugzilla 2.12 may submit an arbitrary bug ID number as an argument to 'showattachment.cgi', potentially disclosing information about "restricted" bugs.

- This may be a threat if Bugzilla is being used during the development of proprietary sourcecode.



Bugzilla is a free, open source bug tracking and reporting appplication. It allows users to submit bugs, offers a forum for discussing bugs, keeps track of the status of bugs, and can restrict who has access to bug information.

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