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BT is learning from past mistakes

by phiber on May 24th, 2001 LONDON -- British Telecom will drop its wireless brand, BT Cellnet, for a new identity to break with a disappointing image, a report said on Thursday.

The move will come into force when BT Wireless is spun-off and listed separately in a few months time, the Financial Times reported.

Cellnet, which is one of the best-known consumer brands in in the UK with more than 10 million users, has slipped behind rivals.

BT also hopes to use the de-merger of BT Wireless as an opportunity to re-brand local operations in the UK, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands as part of its symbolic break with the past, the report said.

Since BT (BT-A) became Britain's first mobile phone operator in the early 1980s, it has been dwarfed in size by Vodafone (VOD), and is expected to slip into third place behind Orange (POGE) in the UK when the next quarterly subscriber figures are published.

The move is the latest in a series of changes designed to convince investors that BT is learning from past mistakes as it raises £5.9 billion ($8.4 billion) through a sale of discounted stock to existing shareholders to reduce £30 billion of debt.

According to the report, the parent company is also planning to drop the film character ET from its fixed-line and Internet advertising, opting instead for a series of adverts based on the recent Hollywood blockbuster Gladiator.

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