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Home » Hacking News » Bogus free download infects over 600 blogs

Bogus free download infects over 600 blogs

by Nikola Strahija on November 12th, 2005 Los Angeles court temporarily shut down a US operation which allegedly hit 600 blogs with spyware attached to free downloads .

Enternet Media spread its spyware through an affiliate programme in which webmasters were paid to include Enternet "installation boxes" in their websites. These boxes offered free music, ringtones or photos, but when a visitor downloaded the material it came with spyware attached, which ‘tracked a user's Internet activity, changed their preferred home page settings, inserted a new toolbar onto their browsers, or displayed numerous 'pop up' ads on their computer screen’, according to the FTC.

The LA court issued a temporary restraining order against Enternet and three of its employees - Lida Rohbani, Nima Hakimi and Baback Hakimi, owners of various sites including, and Also restrained was affiliate Nicholas C. Albert, whose website IWebtunes allegedly attracted 600 victims who downloaded music for use on their own sites, only to become spyware distributors themselves when Enternet installation boxes appeared on their blogs.

According to the FTC, the spyware was "very difficult for users to remove or uninstall".

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