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Banners attack

by Nikola Strahija on December 1st, 2004 Hackers may have launched a widespread attack in Europe using banner ads to redirect users to Web sites that download malicious code, security experts warn.

After receiving several reports that rogue banner ads had infected users' PCs, researchers cautioned that hackers may have attacked a large number of servers hosting the advertisements. By placing the link to malicious code in a banner ad delivered to hundreds of Web sites, the attackers multiply the number of potential victims they can reach.

Banner ads are an ideal tool for the mass distribution of malicious code because they are able to distribute code on many Web sites at the same time.

People who clicked on the ads have seen their computers infected by the Bofra worm, previously referred to as a variants of MyDoom. The worm emerged five days after the iFrame vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0 browser software was announced earlier this month. Hackers have already attacked several European Web sites using the unpatched exploit.

Windows XP users who have loaded Service Pack 2 are thought not to be affected by the worm. Microsoft has yet to release a patch for the iFrame exploit, but earlier this month, the company chastised the independent researchers who published the vulnerability for failing to inform it first.

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